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General Counsel Services – Not Just a Lawyer

Robert P. Mino has been a general counsel for several companies.  Unlike many attorneys, whom have only been attorneys and therefore have never had commercial roles, Mr. Mino has extensive experience in many corporate functions.  At Sancilio Pharmaceuticals and Applied Food Technologies, Mr. Mino held general counsel and VP, Business Development roles simultaneously.  At Sancilio, for example, in addition to providing legal services across the spectrum for the 200+ person company, the CEO requested Mr. Mino additionally assume the role of VP, Business Development, taking leadership of the business development team and marketing team in the process with revenue accountability exceeding $16M.  These responsibilities were added because Mr. Mino has significant commercial experience and, applied that experience to help win/save deals while negotiating contracts.  Where most attorneys only see risk, Mr. Mino sees opportunity.

Mr. Mino is a registered patent attorney, an experienced laboratory researcher, and had built a cGMP quality system.  Most attorneys only offer specialized services in a discrete area of law.  Having started in commercial roles, Mr. Mino offers a true generalist with the ability to provide well-rounded advice across many areas of law and commercial need.

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