Business Consulting Services

Intuitive, Innovative, Inspiring

Complex problems require holistic solutions – only a person with a true breadth of experience can adequately analyze the whole picture to provide top-tier advice.  When you need a team with a wide breadth of experience across many subjects but would prefer not to hire a fleet of consultants, then you should hire a consultant who can wear many hats.

Robert P. Mino has experience as a General Counsel, VP, Business Development, for a pharma CDMO, General Manager of a cGMP analytical chemistry lab, a bag carrying field sales rep, and the strategic marketing manager for a $500M product line.  He also has a very rare and unique broad education, including a Juris Doctorate (a Doctorate in Law), an MBA, a Master of Science in Pharmacology and Genetics, and a Bachelor of Science in Genetics.

Robert has worked in the Life Sciences Industry for over 20 years. During tenures at three Fortune 1000 life sciences companies, Robert was awarded Roche Diagnostics’ prestigious Entrepreneurial Leader award and Applied Biosystems’ President’s Club award. Robert is a successful entrepreneur, having successfully exited two life sciences companies, one he co-founded. Robert raised several million dollars in grant and investment capital, closed over $50M in deals, held responsibility for a $500M product line, and prosecuted a number of patents to issue.

However, impressive credentials with major corporate experience isn’t what separates Robert P. Mino from the others.  Mr. Mino synergizes this diverse background to intuitively see the next steps in any process.  The hallmark of his consulting is innovative problem solving and inspirational leadership support.  Mr. Mino is a hands-on technical innovator and can provide extremely unique thinking to your team, inspiring your team to reach new heights with a focused vision.

• JD (focus: Business Law and Intellectual Property Law), University of Florida
• MS (Molecular Biology and Pharmacology), University of Florida
• MBA (focus: Entrepreneurship and Marketing), University of Florida
• BS (Genetics), University of Georgia
• Certificate Harvard Law School
• Regulatory Affairs Certificate: Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals, RAPS

Consulting Services

The non-legal consulting services* Mr. Mino previously offered under Halls River Investments are now offered through Robert P. Mino, PA.  Mr. Mino offers the below services (and more) on a project basis:

Business Plan Consulting

Business Valuation

Commercialization Plans

Fundraising Pitch Deck Support

Fundraising Pitch Strategy

cGMP Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Development

*  “Non-legal consulting services” are services in which business advice is provided, but not under the attorney’s license.  These services are on a defined basis and do not create an attorney-client relationship. Person offering these services is NOT providing you legal advice and may be the attorney or in collaboration with others.