Investor Pitch Deck

Pitches range from fairly straightforward (obtaining a loan for a franchise in a location evaluated to be appropriate) to a complicated gene therapy pitch, requiring scientific, regulatory, clinical, and reimbursement issues covered.  That written, regardless of how straightforward or complicated the project is, the pitch deck should be high-level and answer basic questions which will enable the investor to determine if they are interested in learning more about your offering.  We can help create a pitch deck that conveys your message simply, elegantly, and memorably so that your investors understand your offering well enough to either ask to learn more or convey an accurate summary to a friend after your pitch.

Essentially, we recommend Twelve Slides.  Before retaining our or another person’s services to refine your deck, I suggest you actually create a slide deck following the template outlined below.  Gathering your answers on each slide will get you really thinking about your plan and will allow you to save consulting money by focusing only on the high-value needs of your deck.  We don’t give away all the secret sauce here, but enough so that you’re more than 50% when you are done.

Here are the 12 basic slides for an investor pitch deck:

Slide 1: Why does the investor care? – A simple, memorable, reasonable statement of why the investor should care about your pitch.  This isn’t an elevator pitch, this is how you’ll improve the human condition.

Slide 2: Elevator Pitch –  What you do and how it relates to a model they know.  “We are Uber for your Pet”

Slide 3: The Problem Solved – What is the problem and who’s problem are you solving.

Slide 4: Market Opportunity – Size of the addressable market (your problem’s solution)

Slide 5: Product / Service  – Your solution to the problem.

Slide 6 Competition – Who else is solving the problem and how well are they solving it – be honest

Slide 7: Revenue Model – How do you intent to monetize your solution to the problem?

Slide 8: Commercialization Strategy – What is your go to market strategy?  Regulatory hurdles?  Timing?  Growth plans?

Slide 9: Team – Who and what are their credentials and track record in the space, this product/service type, and commercial strategy?

Slide 10: Snapshot in Time – Where are you along the plan, who else is invested, what are your milestones?

Slide 11: Financials – The investment and completed milestones were in last slide, this is now and moving forward expected financials.

Slide 12: Your ‘Ask’ – What are you asking for in terms of financials, partners, or experience contribution from your investors?

Once you have the above deck completed, we are available to offer consulting review to ask the tough questions and get you prepared for your pitch event.  Give us a call today!