Virtual General Counsel

For many businesses, legal services are a crucial but often prohibitively expensive necessity. A general counsel can save many businesses significant amounts over the cost of outside counsel by either managing routine matters in house or understanding which matters to pursue outside. However, in some instances a business does not have enough legal work to justify keeping a legal team on a full-time basis.

We help growing companies…

  • Avoid the financial burden of full-time legal staff – hire the time you need, without paying the high prices large firms charge to feed the pyramid and train associates
  • Identify and creatively solve business issues – as an MBA with decades of experience, Mr. Mino is creative, holistic, and aggressive
  • Protect valuable intellectual property – as a patent attorney, Mr. Mino understands how best to protect your most valuable assets
  • Speed time to closure on important business deals – as a former VP, Biz Dev, Mr. Mino is an attorney who makes deals, not break them

If you find that your business needs a general counsel but cannot justify keeping a full-time legal team on staff, please contact Robert P. Mino, PA, to discuss our affordable “virtual general counsel” services.  Our attorney and affiliates have been in-house counsel for companies, large and small, and understand the value of your precious internal resources.  As virtual general counsel, we become intimately familiar with your business and are available when you need our help, whether for a quick contract review or an ongoing internal audit. Because your virtual in-house counsel gets to know your business, your counsel will be up–to–speed when it comes to your business’s needs.

Typical Areas of Work for a Virtual General Counsel Include:

  • Intellectual Property
    • Running an Effective Invention Disclosure & Patenting Program;
    • Setting up an Effective Trade Secret Protection Program;
    • Maximizing IP Rights with Contracts and Agreements;
    • Getting Trademarks Right and Building Powerful Brand Equity;
    • Strategic Licensing Agreements;
    • Non-disclosure Agreements
    • Copyrights
  • Contracts – There really is no such thing as “boilerplate” when it comes to your business
  • Acquisition due diligence – Have an expert on your side to discuss your IP, your assets, or other issues
  • Human Resources Support – Employee Handbook and Policy Support; Internal HR Investigations; EEOC Responses; Employee matters
  • Leases
  • Pre-litigation dispute resolution – Balanced and fair negotiating when a deal can save both sides
  • Strategy Sessions and Weekly Check-Ins – Discuss general business strategy with a seasoned leader adding talent to your bench