Manage Corporate IP

Running an Effective Invention Disclosure & Patenting Program – As a registered patent attorney with the US Patent and Trademark Office, Robert P. Mino understands patent law.  Patent attorneys are required to take a specialized patent bar that tests their knowledge of patent law.  For this reason, a patent attorney is best qualified to manage your in house IP.  As a technical scientist himself, having worked with companies working on projects across the life sciences, Robert P. Mino is ideally positioned to collect, document, and protect intellectual property disclosures.

Setting up an Effective Trade Secret Protection Program – Although Robert P. Mino is a patent attorney, he recognizes that patents are not the only means of protecting the company’s assets.  A robust trade secret protection program is extremely important in today’s ultra competitive economy.  Our firm can help.

Copyrights – Robert P. Mino attained additional education in copyright law from Harvard law because he recognizes the importance of protecting copyrights.  Copyrights are important to understand, not only how to protect your copyrighted materials, but also decrease the likelihood copyright infringement for your organization.  Robert P. Mino, PA, can help.

Other areas of Corporate IP management in which we offer services include:

  • Maximizing IP Rights with Contracts and Agreements
  • Getting Trademarks Right and Building Powerful Brand Equity
  • Strategic Licensing Agreements
  • Non-disclosure Agreements

Corporate IP