Intellectual Property

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Intellectual Property
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Intellectual Property is a form or property, like real property or personal property, except that Intellectual Property is not tangible like other forms of property.  Intellectual Property comes in multiple forms:

  • Patents can provide a temporary monopoly to exclude others from using, making, selling, or importing your products, services and inventions.
  • Trademarks help you protect your names, logos and taglines so consumers recognize that these are indications of your products and services to prevent others from profiting off of your hard work and reputation.
  • Copyrights protect the expressions of your ideas, such as books, paintings, and music.
  • Trade secrets are a form of IP protection designed to help your company protect valuable confidential information from misuse by former employees, competitors, and others.

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Examples of Protectable Intellectual Property

Patents, trademarks, trade secrets, and copyrights can be used to help protect a wide range of Intellectual Property.


  • diagnostic kits
  • research tools
  • plant patents
  • transgenic organisms

Electrical Systems

  • alarm systems
  • electronic process control systems
  • gaming devices
  • wireless networking

Mechanical Systems

  • construction equipment
  • machines
  • mechanical devices
  • musical instruments
  • tools

Medical Devices

  • dental products
  • home use medical products
  • surgical tools and instruments
  • medical machines


  • business method patents
  • iPhone and mobile apps
  • process management systems


  • designs used to identify goods or services
  • symbols used to identify goods or services
  • words used to identify goods or services
  • visual appearance of a product, packaging, etc. that signifies source

Trade Secrets

  • compilations of information
  • device
  • formula
  • method
  • pattern
  • process
  • program
  • techniques

Works of Authorship

  • architectural works
  • audiovisual works
  • choreographic works
  • dramatic works, including accompanying music
  • literary works
  • motion pictures
  • musical works
  • pictorial works
  • sound recordings
  • sculptures
Intellectual Property
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